ROH: Rigoletto Encore
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Sun 13th Mar

Rating: PG
Duration: 1 hr 40mins

A palace ball is in full flow. The Duke of Mantua sings of his lascivious life. Amongst his many potential future conquests he is eyeing up an unknown girl he caught sight of in church. Rigoletto mocks all and sundry, a court jester who does this job in a nasty, deeply unpopular manner. The various nobles gossip about Rigoletto’s “lover”, most don’t believe she exists but they resolve somehow to have their revenge on him. Count Monterone enters angry, decrying that the Duke has had his way with Monterone’s daughter. Rigoletto ridicules him and the Duke orders him to be arrested. As he is dragged out Monterone calls down a curse on Rigoletto and the Duke

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